• Pick & Pack

    £0.30 - £1.60
  • 1 item extra per order

    £0.05 - £0.50
  • Return Handling (Per month for all returns)

  • Receiving stock or anything outside of scope (Per hour Initial stock sent to us is free)



  • 48 Hour Tracked (Up to 2KG) (Parcel)

  • 48 Hour Non-Tracked (Up to 2KG) (Parcel)

  • 48 Hour Large letters Up to 250g

  • 48 Hour Large letters Up to 750g

  • 24 Hour Tracked (Up to 2KG) (Parcel)

  • 24 Hour Non-Tracked (Up to 2KG) (Parcel)

  • 24 Hour Large letters Up to 250g

  • 24 Hour Large letters Up to 750g

  • 24 Hour Tracked (Up to 10KG) (Parcel) (Add £0.40 per KG over 10KG)



  • Inventory control and Order data extraction

    Watch your inventory online, Up to the minute inventory control
  • Initial setup & receipt of stock

    Accept all your goods into our store rooms and get them ready for sending out to your customers (Initial receipt)
  • Admin fees

    We do not charge admin fees and do not hide any fees from you
  • API Integration to your shopping carts/shops/stores

    £5.00 - £10.00
    Up to 5 connections to different stores) Extract orders daily from your website at a specific time we agree to and ship your orders – Then marking all orders as “Sent”

Answer a few easy questions HERE and one of our pick & pack experts will contact you within the day to determine the best plan for your business.

  1. Once you are happy with the quote, simply digitally sign the it and send it back to us

  2. Send us your stock

  3. We will inventory your stock and send you an online inventory list that's updated in real time

  4. Once you are happy with your stock we can setup your API integration to your Shopping cart (Ebay, Amazon, Shopift, Woocommerce etc...) Or send your orders manually

  5. We will then send your orders to your customers using the shipping options you agreed with us

That's it, very simple

Oh. By the way, we don't have any hidden fees

Or email us direct quotes@3plwow.com

Prices may not be accurate and may change at any point due to fuel prices with the couriers and also due to Electric & Gas prices

Once you receive a quote, these prices will be final and accurate.

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