Here’s How to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Gift Wrapping Services This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and as an e-commerce store, you must be occupied with processing tons of orders you have received. Material procurement, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction divert attention away from an important element of Christmas shopping; gift wrapping!

You may ask yourself if gift wrapping is even important in the process of order fulfilment. After all, it’s just an add-on service with a nominal value. The truth is that gift wrapping is a crucial part of Christmas shopping. In fact, e-commerce stores that provide gift-wrapping to their customers are winning hearts (and sales).

Why is Gift Wrapping Important?

Gift wrapping is a multibillion-dollar industry with a global annual revenue forecast of 24.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. This shows how much people spend on gift wrapping materials and the scope of success for a business that does this task for them.

Benefits of Gift Wrapping

Imagine your customer opening the door to receive Christmas shopping and finding it already packed in wonderful, glossy papers with tiny ribbon ties on top. The sheer excitement is priceless and worth it. Here’s what a gift wrapping service does:

Brand Recognition

In the U.K, people will spend £25.6 billion this year on Christmas. This means that billions of people will engage will millions of businesses. If you provide a gift-wrapping service on Christmas, you will be able to stand out amongst your competitors with a unique service. This will establish your brand identity, and the customers will remember you next time.

Enhance Customer Experience

By gift wrapping their ordered goods, your customers notice that you care for them and are willing to enhance their shopping experience. They will come back for a more personalised shopping experience.

Attract Last-Minute Shoppers

There are thousands of people out there who’re too busy right now to buy gifts. Chances are most of them will be in a frenzy near Christmas as they’ll need urgent deliveries. You can be their saviour by offering them express delivery of gift-wrapped packages that can be directly sent to their loved ones. This is one of a kind e-commerce order fulfilment and one that won’t go unnoticed.

Customer Retention

You don’t just want to benefit off a huge Christmas sale, you want long-term customers. By offering a special service this holiday season, you’re investing in year-long sales of your e-commerce store. Offering a service your customers will remember will ensure they come back to you for it every time.

Who Will Gift Wrap?

If you’re a startup and don’t have enough manpower, we have you covered for all your pick and pack needs. 3PLWowis a third-party logistics company that provides complete order fulfilment services to businesses in the U.K. We will pick your products and gift wrap them for your customers before delivery. Get in touch with us today and kick start your Christmas sales!

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