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Pick & Pack, Mail fulfilment

Pick & Pack services entail taking ordered goods from stock and packing them so they can be effectively shipped to the end customer.

3PLWOW Ltd offers a variety of flexible order fulfillment options including

  • Breaking down pallets of cases for shipment of individual cases
  • Picking individual items (packs or inner packs) from cases for order fulfillment as well as building new cartons, packs, or pallets to fulfill customized orders and meet customer requirements.
  • We also pick & pack kits (Picking), such as cutting and counting parts of kits to be packed, yes we pick and pack as well as possible production.
  • We may also deal with the packing of wet and dry foods (We have a special room for this)
  • Product Labeling
  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Polybagging & Shrinkwrapping
  • Co-packing


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3PLWOW Order fulfilment service UK is designed for New startup businesses or ongoing businesses
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