Creating a Fulfilment Strategy: A Guide

Order fulfilment refers to business processes and strategies to complete orders and get them to customers. Every wholesale and E-commerce business is after a high order fulfilment rate. Unfortunately, around 50% of products are abandoned due to cancellations. Sometimes it’s because customers will find a better product elsewhere, and other times, the company couldn’t process it in time.

As the business grows, order fulfilment gets more intense, which is creating the right strategy is essential. Here’s how you can do it.

Strategy #1: Utilising CRM Technology

Customer relationship management software is a tracking system that organises customer data and makes business processes more efficient. It is widely used in sales and marketing because it helps personalise communication. However, in general, over 91% of companies are using CRM technology for various tasks.

The system can also help make the fulfilment process easier by:

  • Processing orders
  • Analysing shipping and tracking information
  • Inventory tracking
  • Managing transaction documents
  • Reporting

CRM software is also fantastic for small to medium-sized businesses that aim at scaling their business or product line. The latest systems can also integrate software and tools a business already has. For this strategy, you must assess your needs before looking for CRM software, create a list of those that meet your requirements and talk to your stakeholders.

Strategy #2: Outsourcing To A 3PL Company

You can also outsource the process to third-party fulfilment centres that offer warehousing, packaging, and distribution solutions. You can leave some fulfilment tasks or all of them to the experts. A 3PL company will provide a full range of services from setup to customer service. They can integrate with existing inventory or E-commerce systems, optimise transportation routes, manage returns and claims, and provide data. This strategy eliminates the need to invest in warehouse space or expand technology. You also don’t need to hire more employees to complete the same work.

To pick the best 3PL order fulfilment service, consider the following:

  1. Warehouse size and space
  2. Experience
  3. Management technology capability
  4. Flexibility for overtime during peak season
  5. Good customer service
  6. Warehouse location

Strategy #3: Adopt an Alternative Shipping Method

Many companies find keeping the order cycles short difficult as they expand. As online shopping increases, shipping carriers may become overwhelmed. This will result in a backlog of orders turning what should have been a few days of wait into months of waiting. Fortunately, there are ways to make shipping faster. For example, you can hire a 3PL pick and pack service to streamline the process and share the load.

Strategy #4: Work On Reverse Fulfilment Logistics

With an uptick in online orders comes an increase in product returns. As much as the business would like to have zero returns, it’s a situation they will likely have to face. Reverse fulfilment logistics is something they must work on because it can slow down other processes if incorrectly handled. It needs to work like a well-oiled machine so it doesn’t turn inventory management into a nightmare. You can do this by having an omnichannel OMS system.

Looking For Third-Party Fulfilment Service? 3PLWOW Can Help!

Fulfilment is no easy task, but having a reliable partner in this journey improves the process. 3PLWOW is an experienced E-commerce pick-and-pack service with features like direct integration to multiple platforms, home delivery, exceptional customer service, and more!

Are you looking for an E-commerce pick and pack or order fulfilment service in London? Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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