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Clothing, footwear and accessories

Items of clothing are stored on shelves in size and SKU order, this makes it easier, more accurate and fast to prepare an order. This video demonstrates one item being picked and pack and ready to be sent to the customer.

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Subscription goods

These items are pre-packed in mass (1000's) and made ready for daily orders, pre-packing orders makes the whole system fast and accurate. The video below is an example of pre-packing an item that will be ordered in the future

A simple order

Many orders are just 1 item that can be placed straight into a padded bag or box with minimal effort with speed. The example below is 1 item being placed in to a padded bag and ready to send as a "small parcel" via royal mail

Fabrics and linen

We can also hold your fabrics on rolls or boxes and cut to size to send to your customers, also samples