Understanding Pick and Pack Fulfilment for Retail Brands

As e-commerce sales continue to grow throughout the globe, businesses and suppliers are feeling the pressure to keep up with increasing consumer demands and expectations. The modern customer wants their shipments delivered at lightning-quick speed. However, doing that is easier said than done.

This blog will take you through everything you need to know about pick and pack services for retail brands. Keep reading to find out.

What is Pick and Pack Fulfilment?

Pick and pack services are used by e-commerce businesses for the efficient delivery of goods to customers around the globe. Instead of picking and packing the goods themselves, they rely on e-commerce fulfilment services to pick the items off the shelves and pack them in boxes with stamped addresses for shipping.

Benefits of a Pick and Pack Fulfilment for Retail Brands 

Some common benefits of a pick and pack fulfilment service include:

  • Faster shipping of goods
  • Allows businesses to focus on other tasks
  • Helps evade costly blunders when shipping the orders
  • Enhances overall customer experience
  • Allows you to handle additional orders as the business grows
  • Saves time and reduces delays
  • Reduced freight expenses and other charges

4 Types of Picking Strategies Used by Retail Brands for Pick and Pack Fulfilment

There are certain types of picking strategies retail brands can use for order fulfilment; these include:

Type #1: Piece Picking

Most companies adopt this method as it is simple and easy to use. In this system, workers pick products as soon as a customer places an order and they receive the confirmed order details. They use the details provided by the customers to choose the correct items off the shelves. However, this type of picking method is usually suitable for smaller warehouses and smaller order volumes.

Type #2: Batch Picking

Larger warehouses use this as it is a cost-effective and efficient method. Workers work on batches of orders instead of working on a single order at a time.

Type #3: Zone Picking

In this method, the warehouse facility is divided into separate zones. The pickers work in their assigned zones, picking items from that particular area only. The goods are passed on from one zone to the next, using conveyer belts or manually in some cases.

Type # 4: Wave Picking

This is a combination of batch and zone picking. Pickers work in their assigned zones while picking orders in batches.

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