Top Marketing Strategies 3PL Business Can Use to Reach Customers

One of the most common challenges third-party logistics providers face is customer acquisition and retention. According to a study, 74 per cent of third-party companies said they face these challenges. Naturally, one of the most frequently asked questions by 3PL providers is how they can overcome these challenges and grow their customer base.

The logistics landscape is highly competitive, with new businesses entering the market daily. In such a competitive industry, how can you get and sustain customers without at least one of them going to your competitor for the same services?

Moreover, gaining new customers is not just a means to increase your profit margin. It is also essential to grow your business over time and extend your reach. The more loyal customers you have, the more positive word of mouth you will get.

This issue calls for a strategic and smart approach. You must think out-of-the-box to attract new customers and offer value to retain existing ones. This blog will highlight some strategies 3PL businesses can use to reach customers. Keep reading to find out.

Clearly Define Your Market Position

3PLs often make the mistake of trying to offer everything to everyone. However, this approach won’t work in today’s highly competitive market. You must target the right customers and offer them unique services.

This can only be done when you clearly define your position in the market and decide the set of customers you want to place your bets on. As a smart brand, you must forgo a larger share in the market for a smaller but more profitable share.

With the global logistics market expected to value $1,789.94 billion by 2027, even small segments can offer many growth opportunities.

Outperform Competition

To grow your 3PL logistics company, you must invest in being unique. For this, you must communicate your unique value proposition to customers and provide your team with all the physical, financial, and moral resources they need to perform.

As your services create a buzz among customers, positive word of mouth will become your biggest and most effective weapon.

Inbound Marketing

Instead of cold calling and asking customers about their issues, create content that addresses all their concerns. This can be done through videos, blogs, or webinars. Next, you must share this content where your target customers can easily view it.

This type of content will act as a magnet, bringing customers to your company.

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