The Advantages of Hiring a Fulfillment Company

There are multiple advantages of outsourcing the order fulfilment process. The option is beneficial, especially for business owners with an online store without warehouse and distribution facilities. Even established brick-and-mortar businesses need order fulfilment services to minimize infrastructure costs and improve operational efficiency.

Seasonal Sales Flexibility

There are various setbacks associated with unforeseen surges in sales and seasonal fluctuations. To respond to a higher-order amount than anticipated, companies need additional workers, more capital equipment as well as extra warehouse space to ensure timely fulfilment.

A fulfilment service company eliminates these requirements and manages the surge when the sales are up. With the decline in sales, there’s no idle equipment or excess employees to let go and no costs for empty shelves.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Packing small products in bigger boxes with a lot of infills can increase shipping costs. However, even fragile goods can be safely shipped with minimal infill, given that they’re properly packed and boxed. A fulfilment service will help pack products in the smallest boxes for safe shipping and avoiding DIM weight charges.

Moreover, expedited shipping charges can be reduced by quickly processing orders at the fulfilment centre that offers same-day shipping.

Focusing on Business Matters

If the logistics of order fulfilment is not your area of expertise, hiring an order fulfilment services company may be best suitable. This allows companies to focus more on making their products better while the fulfilment service provider can do all the stacking and packing.

Growing New Markets

Companies looking to expand may hold back due to a lack of infrastructure to ship overseas. However, an order fulfilment company can extend your reach without capital investment. The service partner provides the infrastructure to help your business grow without committing to overhead expenses and potential risks.

With order fulfilment services, companies can put more time and energy into running business operations. At 3PLWOW, we have the experience and manpower required to handle a sudden flux in your sales. Our eCommerce fulfilment service can help you save money in the long run.

In addition, we also offer pick, pack, and shipping services to ensure the safe delivery of goods within the UK and worldwide. Our logistics service providers have helped various businesses expand their customer base even during the pandemic. We ensure timely delivery to the end consumers and efficient supply chain handling to manage a complicated shipping season.

For more information and details, get in touch with us today.

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