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Thinking about outsourcing you Subscrition box Pick and Pack ecommerce order fulfilment?

Well, order fulfilment or fulfillment (spelt with double "ll") comprises the process in receiving, processing, and shipping a customer order. More specifically, order fulfilment entails the following steps:

  • Maintaining the client's inventory
  • Responding to a sales orders to determine availability and location in inventory
  • Configuring the order (if there is more than one piece or product)
  • Booking the order (placing a request into the inventory system for what is ordered)
  • Acknowledging and confirming the order is booked
  • Invoicing/billing the customer
  • Determining the shipping address where the item will be sent
  • Sourcing the order – determining which facility to ship it from
  • Determining which carrier will be used to ship the item
  • Issuing order changes initiated by the customer after-the-sale, substituting for pieces no longer in inventory, or updating the order with newer pieces in inventory
  • Processing the order – the physical picking and packing of the order at a stock room, warehouse or distribution centre
  • Shipping the order, which may go directly to the customer or to one or more distribution points
  • Delivering the order to the customer
  • Settling, receiving, and processing payment for the received order
  • Handling returns of unacceptable or damaged goods by either refilling the order or refunding the customer
  • Updating inventory

Now that's a lot of steps! We tend to take them for granted, or bundle them together under a term like "shipping," but there are many stages an order must pass through that involves software systems and physical systems. It’s no wonder companies large and small are contracting out this function to specialised order fulfillment services providers like us at 3PLWOW.

Why choose to outsource your Subscription box service order fulfilment, pick and pack at all?

Well, outsourcing your order fulfilment gives you the time and extra cash to help you concentrate more on sales, as well as everything below.
Whether you are selling your goods on eBay, Amazon, or on your own website order fulfilment takes a huge amount of control out of your hands.

It leaves the safety and the timely delivery of your goods to clients and customers firmly in the hands of someone else, which is why we offer our e-commerce pick and pack service, ensuring you’re able to manage other aspects of your business while we take care of packaging the goods for your customers.

So why should you look at using these services?
The fulfilment process can be a long one. From getting the order through to delivery there is a great deal of work to be done from, at first, making sure you keep on top of your stock and how you store it through to packaging the items and actually getting the item to the customer in a timely manner.

By using 3PLWOW to deal with this area of business for you, you are likely to not just save money but also increase accuracy.
In turn, you offer yourself the chance to grow as a business far faster and far easier than if you had numerous overheads to deal with.

  • The first benefit of external order fulfilment is how many resources such an external company will have on hand to deal with everything from storage and stock control to packing and delivery
  • Access to state of the art equipment to ensure that accuracy is as high as possible and that individual items are stored effectively and easily, and quickly accessed by our staff
  • Far more likely to be able to offer more flexible delivery options than if you deliver yourself or if you choose to use a courier on a job by job basis.

Such fulfilment can also help ensure that you do not have excess space and excess staff at quiet times and ensure that you also don’t struggle to meet demand during busy periods.

As such you can expand more easily without taking on major risks such as a larger premises or a great deal of extra staff.




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  • Outsourcing to 3PLWOW Order fulfilment is already paying off, with many of our customers becoming long-term clients. They also provide customer service, so i have communications 24/7.
    Alex Jordan - Company CEO, The bearded Colonel
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