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Order fulfilment, pick and pack service

London Order Fulfilment, pick and pack services

Are you thinking about outsourcing your Order fulfilment?

To our warehouse in Newcastle upon Tyne?

Well, whether you are a "NEW STARTUP" near London or "AN ONGOING BUSINESS" near London, 3PLWOW will work with you to help you grow your business.

We are not a huge Order Fulfilment company that will treat you as a number, but as a business partner with the personal touch giving you great prices along with a great service.

Serving clients in London

from our Warehouse in the North East

  • Storage in our warehouses is far cheaper than London prices
  • Our staff are not paid London rates which means we can give you a more competitive price
  • Courier and postal services are a little faster with delivery to other parts of the country
  • We can offer more competitive prices for Storage, pick and pack, order fulfilment and post

The 3 main aspects of order fulfilment are outlined below

  • All your orders processed on the same day before 12 Midday
  • Worldwide & UK shipping of letters, parcels, packets and pallets
  • 24 hour, 48 hour, Express & Economy Services
  • Same Day Courier Services
  • International Tracked Deliveries
  • Special Deliveries & Return Handling
  • Warehouse Bulk and racked storage
  • Container Unloading
  • Pallet Storage
  • Stock storage
  • Complete order Fulfilment Service
  • Direct integration to multiple platforms via API
  • Pick And Pack
  • Home Delivery Service
  • Returns Handling
  • Customer Service
  • ACCOUNT SETUP is 100 % Free - We would not dream of charging anyone to use our service
  • MONTHLY FEE? What monthly fee? We would not dream of charging anyone a monthly fee to use our services
  • We have no hidden fees, you only pay "Pick & Pack" and "Post" - Pay as you go


Some pretty cool things about London

  1. Over 300 languages are spoken in London
    First on our list of facts about London is the cultural diversity. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, London houses over 8 million residents, who collectively speak over 300 languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien and of course English.
  2. Big Ben is not actually called Big Ben
    Big Ben is arguably London’s most famous landmark. Surprisingly, it is actually meant to go by the name ‘The Clock Tower’, while ‘Big Ben’ is the name of the bell. Feel free to bore your friends and family with that fact if you ever do a tour of London.
  3. It is not illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament
    Despite popular belief, it isn’t illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament. Although it is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour. According to ‘The issue of dying in Parliament appears to arise from the idea that anyone who dies in a Royal Palace is eligible for a state funeral. We have not been able to trace any such law, and neither have the House of Commons authorities.’
  4. Police never caught Jack the Ripper
    The identity of Jack the Ripper, London’s most notorious serial killer, has never been discovered. Authorities at the time and ‘mystery solvers’ since the killings have suspected a number of different people, however, including Prince Albert, Lewis Carroll and Queen Victoria’s doctor; Sir William Gull.
  5. The Great Plague killed a third of Europe’s population
    The Great Plague killed roughly 25 million people, which was around a third of the entire population of Europe in the 15th Century. This particularly affected London because of the narrow streets and lack of sanitation. During this time, men known as Searchers shouted out ‘Bring out your dead’ all through the summer of 1665. They carted away dead bodies and threw them in mass burial pits. Some of which Londoners are still discovering to this day.
  6. The Tower of London houses six ravens
    Charles II’s ordered for six ravens to be placed in the Tower of London to protect it. Apparently, six ravens are still kept in the tower today and they must remain there at all times due to superstitious reasons. For extra measures, each raven has a wing clipped, they even have a spare raven handy in case one flies away.
  7. The London Underground could have been water-based
    We couldn’t create a list of facts about London without including the tube. When the London Underground was first proposed, engineers suggested filling the tunnels with water and using barges to float people from station to station, or getting an army of horses to pull the carriages around in the dark. Evidently, they decided to opt for trains.
  8. There were only six deaths in the Great Fire of London
    The Great Fire in 1666 devastated London. While the fire reduced large parts of the city to ruins, the verified death toll was only six people. However, the real number is unknown, as many more died from indirect causes. Monument, the 203ft stone obelisk located 203 ft away from where the fire broke out, commemorates those who died.
  9. Black cab drivers are tested
    In order for a person to become a black cab driver, they must complete a rigorous test called ‘The Knowledge’, which involves memorising every single street in the capital. Cab drivers can spend years trying to learn it all. Some even walk around every part of the city as a way of lodging all the side streets and back alleys in their brains.