How To Protect Your Trademark When Shipping Internationally

The business economy we’re currently living in strongly depends on the trademarks of businesses, including exporters and importers. Companies work tirelessly to improve their brand image, develop high-quality products, and launch them in local and international markets. However, finding your trademark being exploited in the consumer market can be exceptionally devastating—especially when you’ve put in so much effort to take your business to greater heights.

This ultimately increases the need for ensuring maximum trademark protection as an exporter when you’re trying to safely ship products to customers internationally. With the right order fulfilment services, you never have to worry about your brand name or trademark being used elsewhere. Here are three key ways to get started.

Register Your Trademark in Multiple Countries

The first rule of trademark protection to keep in mind is that it’s restricted by your location. In other words, businesses are only eligible to receive trademark rights where they operate or serve customers after registration. This means you don’t get the same protection when shipping products to other countries.

As a result, it’s critical to register your trademark in the countries you’re targeting to seek trademark protection. This requires you to seek trademark protection in every country you’re looking to expand business operations to. If you’re a small or medium-sized business with a limited budget, you’ll also need to work out the costs of international trademark registration because of how expensive it can be.

Use Your Trademark as Much as Possible

Sometimes all you need to do is make the best use of your company’s trademark for it to be safeguarded against replication and other risks. Therefore, always think of new strategies to incorporate your trademark wherever possible, especially when serving international consumer markets.

From adding your trademark to your business website and social media channels to displaying it on your product packaging and packing tapes, there’s a high chance you’ll help your customers recognize the authenticity of your brand.

This process won’t only give your trademark the protection it needs but will also add value to your business by clarifying who owns the business. This combined with an active trademark registration can do wonders for your business when serving internationally.

Work With an Order Fulfilment Partner That You Can Count On

There’s a high risk of incurring losses when you’re trying to counterfeit other businesses resulting from the lack of trademark operation. Therefore, it’s always good to work with an order fulfilment company that treats your business trademark as your ultimate asset.

You can now get started by choosing our pick-and-pack solutions at 3PLWOW. As your trusted order fulfilment partner in the UK, we’ll always make sure you and your business trademark are protected, from the shipping to delivery stage and beyond.

Our pick and pack services aim to help you focus on essential business operations while saving significant order fulfilment costs. Learn more about our pricing here or contact us to learn more today!

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