Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials to Help Your Business Go Green

Nowadays, almost every e-commerce business is talking about adopting sustainable practices and going green. Businesses and clients are equally placing more emphasis on green initiatives. As an online retailer, one of the biggest areas to adopt green alternatives is the packaging.

The boom in the online shopping industry – due to the pandemic – has increased e-commerce packaging and waste in landfills. By 2050, global waste is expected to increase to 3.4 billion tons. These alarming statistics are all the more reasons for businesses to adopt eco–friendly practices.

Most businesses are now striving to improvise their products and designing tactics to reduce their carbon footprint. Packaging is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to industrial waste. From the producer to the retailer and then finally to the consumers, various types of materials are used.

This blog will shed light on some eco-friendly packaging materials to help your business go green.

Biodegradable Packaging Peanuts

Styrofoam is a widely used material for takeaway cartons and loose-fill packaging. However, it’s neither biodegradable nor recyclable. The closest alternative to this conventional packaging material is biodegradable packaging peanuts.

They work just like Styrofoam and don’t dawdle in the environment for eternity. Plus, they are also a more economical option.

Corrugated Bubble Wrap

A kids’ favourite, bubble wrap packaging is used to protect fragile items through shipping. Sadly, it’s not the most environmentally-friendly material as it’s made of plastic. But there are various greener alternatives in the works.

For instance, a bubble wrap made out of corrugated cardboard. Instead of disposing or recycling cardboard waste after consumer use, it can be reused as a cushioning material. Small cuts are made in the cardboard to create a concertina effect that safeguards against shocks like a bubble wrap.

Air Pillows

Inflatable air pillows are another excellent alternative to Styrofoam and bubble wrap. They are available in various sizes and efficiently fill voids in boxes while providing cushioning.

Air pillows are simply small bags that can be inflated when needed. Therefore, they serve as a greener alternative as they are filled with air. This reduces the amount of plastic used in their production.

What’s more, air pillows can be easily recycled and are biodegradable.

Corn-starch Packaging

Primarily an organic material, corn-starch has made its way into the sustainable packaging industry. Thanks to its plastic-like qualities, it can be used in various places where additional plastic is used. For example, bottles, moulded forms, and loose-fill packaging.

Mushroom Packaging

Another inexpensive and eco-friendly packaging material is mushroom packaging. These are made from mushrooms and can be used for supporting smaller items.

The Best Eco-friendly Packaging Company

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