A Beginner’s Guide to Third-Party Logistics

When you’re planning to start a new business, an area where you’re likely to feel stuck is the supply chain management of your business operations. While focusing on manufacturing and producing high-quality products is critical for e-commerce success, it’s just as important to pay attention to other aspects of optimal customer service, including your business’s logistics.

Fortunately, the trend of outsourcing various services has given rise to the practice of working with third-party logistics. In fact, it’s one of the key secrets of succeeding as an e-commerce business in today’s business economy.

Whether you’re entering the existing business environment or looking for logistical solutions that work for your business, it’s always good to know how third-party logistics work and how order fulfilment companies offer them. Here’s a quick guide to help you learn all about it.

What are Third-Party Logistics?

As the term suggests, third-party logistics refers to the outsourcing of a business’s logistical processes. Simply put, it’s when a business relies on an external company to manage its supply chain issues so that it can focus on other important aspects of its business.

These services essentially involve the order fulfilment processes of a company. From managing a company’s inventory to providing it with suitable warehousing, packaging products, shipping, and delivering them to the customers, third-party logistics play a significant role in improving a business’s customer service.

The primary purpose of hiring third-party logistics is to ensure seamless supply chain management to exceed customer expectations, avoid delivery delays, and have an experienced professional team look after the packaging process of customer orders.

Who Can Benefit from Third-Party Logistics?

While many large scale businesses have internal logistics departments to look after their supply chain, most small businesses can’t afford to do the same. Third-party logistics play a critical role in offering high-quality outsourced order fulfilment for such businesses.

Some entities that can significantly benefit from hiring and working with third-party logistics partners include e-commerce businesses, new business owners, and freelancers.

The Key Benefits of Third-Party Logistics

Order fulfilment is a significant cause for concern among most e-commerce business owners. Their inability to handle this process often results in poor customer experiences and a lagging brand image.

With the right third-party logistics, there are several benefits a business can enjoy and meet their business’s short and long-term goals simultaneously. Here are some key benefits outsourced pick and pack services offer:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Monthly reports to evaluate customer experiences
  • Timely product delivery to local and international locations
  • Custom packaging to keep products safe and prevent damage during transit
  • An improved business cash flow

If you’re looking for a third-party logistics partner for your business in the UK, let our professionals at 3PLWOW assist you. We specialise in providing small and medium-sized businesses with premium order fulfilment services to help them generate greater revenues and ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

To learn more about our high-quality pick and pack services, contact our experts today!

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