4 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sustainability is a growing concern all across the globe. The need to conserve the environment and reduce carbon footprint is now more drastic than ever. In the UK alone, customers use around 227,000 miles of gift wrapping paper every year, wasting approximately 108 million rolls of gift wrapping paper.

However, the good news is that gift wrapping papers can be recycled and there are even sustainable alternatives to the regular wrapping papers we use. All consumers need to do is make a little effort and care for the environment. This will not only reduce a lot of their carbon footprint but will also contribute to solving the global issue of tons of waste being left in landfills.

The only viable solution to this global problem is switching to eco-friendly gift wrapping alternatives and reducing the adverse environmental impact of this practice.

This blog will take you through some eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas so you can make the most of them next time you need to hand out a gift to your loved ones.

Idea # 1: Use Brown Paper Bags for Wrapping Gifts

In the past, people use newspapers to wrap gifts in place of gift wrapping papers. Today, brown paper bags have replaced this conventional method. This adds a unique aesthetic vibe to your gift and also allows you to add a personal touch in the form of a handwritten note or a unique stamp to place on top.

The best part is these brown paper bags are recyclable and easy to decompose.

Idea # 2: Reuse Old Cardboard Boxes

If you are a frequent online shopper, you will have tons of cardboard boxes lying around the place. So, why not use them to wrap gifts? You will be reusing old boxes instead of just throwing them into the waste bin and will also save a lot of money. Plus, you can easily recycle and compost these boxes.

Idea # 3: Reuse other Delivery Supplies

Cardboard boxes are not the only items you can utilize in your online shopping. You can also save the tissue sheets used in packaging and the brown/white paper. You can gather the materials whenever you order online, and then you will have enough of them to use around the holidays.

Idea # 4: Use Fabric to Wrap Gift

Wrap your gift in an eco-friendly material and make it a part of the present. You can use a silk scarf, a knitted sweater, or a light shawl to wrap the gifts. This way, you can also add value to your plain gifts.

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