3 Things to Know About Shipping Perishable Items

Managing shipping and logistics is challenging for many businesses, especially when there are perishable goods and items involved. According to reports, around 40 per cent of food and goods go to waste before they reach consumers. Thus, you need to take a strategic approach when it comes to shipping perishable goods.

As shipping perishable products is very different from shipping non-perishable goods, businesses need to adopt a completely different approach. This blog will highlight some things you should know about shipping perishable items.

Adequate Product Preparation

Before shipping anything, you need to make sure you have prepared the items correctly. While this may vary depending on the type of perishable item you are shipping, it is best to precool or freeze items before shipping, so they stay cool in their packaging for a longer time.

Additionally, you will need to protect the items from harm, whether it is moisture from another thawed product or other types of damage. For this, you should prepare the product by wrapping it in airtight and leak-proof packaging like padding, foam, or bubble wrap.

Choose the Right Packaging Material

Next comes the packaging. You will need to adopt a combination of the right packaging material to ensure the safe shipping of the perishable items. Insulated packaging materials are a popular choice as they help maintain optimal temperatures. You can also use ice packs in packaging boxes to keep everything fresh for longer.

Pick the Right Order Fulfilment Company

Finally, the order fulfilment company you work with plays a key role in the safe shipping of perishable items. Make sure they have the right technology and expertise to manage your orders. Plus, they should have lightning fast delivery services, as the sooner you ship them, the more customers you’ll earn.

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