3 Common Pick and Pack Errors and How to Fix Them

Pick and pack services require a lot of hard work and precision. It is undoubtedly one of the most demanding processes in a warehouse, and the process where one mistake can cost extensive losses to the business. Often, picking and packing errors are not identified until the inventory is sorted or the customers return the order.

Thankfully, such mistakes are very common, and they have easy fixes. This blog will take you through some common pick and pack errors, explaining how to fix them. Keep reading to learn more.

3 Common Pick and Pack Errors and How to Fix Them

Error # 1: Packing the Wrong Items

This usually happens due to a lack of sorting and organization of the inventory. Employees mistakenly grab the wrong product from the right place because things are cluttered. Even if the person releases that they have picked the wrong product, it will take a lot of time to find the right one and pack it. This will cause further delays in the order fulfilment process.

Solution # 1: An easy and effective solution for this problem is to scan items twice, once when they are received and the second when they are picked. This way, the selector will know if there is an error immediately.

Error # 2: Confusing Two Items with a Similar ID

During the pick and pack process, things are moving fairly quickly, and keeping track of each item can become hard. You swipe items with a similar ID or barcode in this chaos.

Solution# 2: The best way to eliminate this error is to give a barcode scanner to all your pickers.

Error # 3: More People and Locations Than Necessary

While a large staff is great for warehouse facilities, it can sometimes cause bottlenecks. Usually because of too many people running around and doing the work, hence, the chances of mistakes are high.

Solution # 3: The best solution for this problem is to focus on the quality of your staff, not the quantity. Have few but trained people working in your facility so they can work diligently.

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